Avocado is approved!

Yay! I received an e-mail last Friday that the folks at DU have given the ok to place my sculpture on the campus, so the project can now move forward. I’m slightly behind schedule as I expected to have purchased my big block of Polystyrene by now and be up to my knees in white fluff in the garage.

 I have a meeting set with Dave Snyder, who is in charge of pond maintenance, for this week to discuss the installation. My husband Wayne is coming with me as my chief engineer. We’re not sure yet how we’re getting the material home and then to the campus but I’ll let you know what we decide. We’ll probably try to transport the massive white block later in the week so I can get busy on Saturday. In the meantime, I’ve set Wednesdays as my update mtg day with my advisor, Judith. I’ll work on the written portion of my Capstone project in stages and have the table of contents and lit review due this week.

Since there aren’t any exciting pictures to share yet I posted one from my trip to Scotland a couple of years ago. It’s Wayne in some prison we visited along the way. I really like the picture because it shows his fun personality – NOT because he’s contained behind bars! Cheers until next time. Terrie


One Response to “Avocado is approved!”

  1. T Reigh Says:

    I think the photo of Wayne is classic! Only the real Avo will be able to top this….cheers!

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