Avocado D-Day!

Avocado waiting in my garage.


We’re scheduled to pick up a Uhaul van this morning to transport the sculpture – phew! I really can’t wait until it’s safely in place and I can come home and take a nap! Ben, my son the engineer, is coming over so we can figure out how to attach the piece to the pedestal that will be structurally sound, not come apart, not tip over, etc. My husband and I have come up with a ton of ideas but think it’s time to see what 5 years of CU engineering education can do for the situation.

Yesterday I drilled through the base to insert the rods that attach to the weights with rope. Wayne gave me the drill and the bits and then left the house where he would be safe. Don’t know why he’s so uncomfortable about me handling power tools – haven’t landed in the hospital yet.

My next, and possibly final post will be tomorrow with pictures of everything in place looking fabulous. Check back then to see how it all turns out. Cheers! Terrie


One Response to “Avocado D-Day!”

  1. pete dapper Says:

    It’s beautiful! It fits the sight perfectly and is so unexpected. Here in Seattle’s sculpture garden there is “Typewriter Eraser, Scale X” by Oldenburg and van Bruggen that is in the same pop art style. Except yours makes me want to find some chips. Congrats! Pete PS.My wife Monica wants a version for the pond in our neighborhood

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