Avocado down! But she’s ok!

Fallen down and can't get up!


I received a couple e-mails last night that Avo Maria looked a bit broken up as you can see from the photo sent to me by Jessa – thanks Jessa! When I told Wayne he insisted we jump into action to fix her. It was a little disheartening when we walked up to see the fruit unattached and just floating aimlessly back and forth in the long fountain. The security guard that came by told us they had a wild and windy storm July 4 eve that must have knocked it off its pedestal.   

It’s sitting a little farther back as we had to drive the rods further into the bulk of the sculpture and create a new “belly button” for the central metal rod that attaches it.  There are some scuffs and bruises and she’s not exactly centered as before so if you go by to view – don’t be too critical – she had a rough night!  

This is actually a good lesson for the “placemaking” viewpoint of my research paper. One of the characteristics that made the avocado shape right for the piece was that it was low to the ground and could withstand Colorado weather. But, the placement changed from the big pond – where a viewer would look down on the sculpture – to the top level of the fountain. If the avocado was laid flat up there, all the viewer would see would be a black back-side so I needed to tilt and prop and support. Oh my, how did Lawrence Argent ever figure out how to create that huge Blue Bear without the fear of it toppling through the windows at the Denver Convention Center? 

Wayne soggy, Maria back in business!


So, not sure about changes when we move it to the grassy knoll. If you go by to see her send me a report of her condition. Thanks, Terrie


One Response to “Avocado down! But she’s ok!”

  1. T Reigh Says:

    Mother Nature obviously is an artist continuing to move and revise her works, including floating Avo’s. I think we need to call this episode: “Avocado Dip”.

    If it loses any pieces during the next install on land: “Avocado Chips”. All in all, Avo Maria is a holy piece of art.

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