Avo on the grass

Sculpture now rests next to the Driscoll Center.


Maria is now lounging comfortably on the grass. I received word on Wednesday that the avocado was resting (uncomfortably) on its side – probably due to the afternoon storms we’ve been having this last week. Although she really fit into the Humanities Garden atmosphere it was time to see how she does without all that water and ambiance so I got the crew together to move her. After patching up with new paint I think she looks pretty good – although a little worse for wear. It was interesting to see people pass by without even noticing we were there fussing over a giant avocado. Proves that you can do just about anything on a college campus without it being considered weird!  

Maria seen through the sculpture next to Penrose Library.


Facing north towards Evans.


This setting is minus the benches and vegetation so doesn’t really encourage people to stop by. Although, it could be a photo op location – similar to that huge ball of twine somewhere in the midwest they always show in special interest stories.  

Take a look and comment on the difference in placement. It will be interesting to see if she still creates a “sense of place” or is more of an example of “Plop Art”.  

My son Ben & nieces Lani and Heather with me to mark the event.


3 Responses to “Avo on the grass”

  1. Linda Says:

    I liked the first location much better, but after looking at this pic with people in it, I see what you mean about photo ops! I like it with people and think she looks mighty lonely without.


  2. Brian Says:

    Maria has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

    If “High Art” is meant to foster discussion and inspire future generations to explore their creativity, then imagine how many seeds of influence will be planted in students by a giant avocado on a campus quad.

    I suddenly have a hankering for guacamole!

    What I love most about what you’ve done with Maria is the lack of personal imprint or forced meaning that is incorporated in her display.

    You’re not telling anyone what they should draw from her existence, we’re simply left to admire the craft of your work and cull our own meaning from her colorful layers – learning something about the subjectivity that we associate to the art that we find around us.

    Bravo Terrie! And thanks Maria for helping me overcome my fear of giant fruit.

  3. Cruz E. Aguilar Says:

    My senior art exhibit’s theme was avocados. I have since continued with this subject matter. Needless to say…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PIECE!!!

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