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Avocado on deck.

August 27, 2010

Avo Maria on our back deck.


It’s been over a month since my last post – whew! Avo Maria helped me graduate with a 4.0 and I now have time to wrap up her story.   

Once she was moved to the grass area next to the Penrose Library she made quite a stir. I brought my paint and glue rescue kit to campus a few days after the move when I got an e-mail that the fruit was off the pedestal. An adjunct teacher (looked about the age of my son) saw me wrestling with the big mass and helped me reposition it. He then asked me to take his picture with it. While I was touching up the paint a couple of international students came by and wanted me to take their picture with the sculpture, and then another student.  Wow, I was joking when I compared it to the big ball of twine but I think the effect of something so exaggerated and out-of-place must be similar no matter what the object.   

A student was leading a tour of kids into the library and I could hear someone say “Is that an, uh, avocado??” Then 2 men whizzed by in a golf cart (must have been facilities guys) and yelled “We love your avocado!!!” at about 40 miles an hour. A minute later I was startled to see a half-dozen preschoolers racing toward me. I learned from their camp counselor that Maria added some excitement to the summer day camp and was the point the kids would race to every day. One little girl suggested I do another sculpture for next year – the other half.   

Moving crew - even grandma Ruby helped.


That weekend I got the crew back together to bring Maria home where she’s resting on our back deck – where else can you fit an eight foot avocado??? I thought all the excitement was over until the next Monday I heard there was a theft report issued. Ha, I guess they noticed it was gone!    

Avocado left an empty spot on the grass - sad.


Westword actually interviewed me for a story, go to to check it out.   

The experience was great and exhausting and I learned so much about the reaction to the placement of public art. I want to thank everyone that helped me schlep it around town and especially the DU community that embraced the sculpture in such a positive way. I’m searching for a job now, but I learned there’s a call for entries website that lists upcoming public art projects. So, I just might try submitting proposals to see if I can create more huge fruit and actually get paid for it. Maybe an artichoke or a pineapple – that would be interesting…